Biocenter 3
Helsinki, Viikki, 2001

Viikinkaari 1, 00710 Helsinki
Invited competition 1998, 1st prize
Client: University of Helsinki, State Real Property Agency (formerly the National Board of Building, now Senate Properties)
Gross area 15,000 m2, volume 62,600 m3

The six-storey Biocenter 3 is one of three biocentres. The building houses various departments of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, plus a number of research groups, a staff of around 400 and an even larger number of students.


The Finnish Architectural review 6/2002
Contemporary Finnish  Architecture, by Jussi Tiainen, 2002
Steel Construction magazine 3/2001
An ECOarchitectural guide , EKO-SAFA/RakAs, 2002

general view
floor plan, 1st floor
main entrance
seminar room