Government office building
Rauma, 1992
Architects Olli Pekka Jokela and Pentti Kareoja

Open architectural competition 1985, 1st prize (Olli Pekka Jokela, Pentti Kareoja)
Client: National Board of Public Building
Total floor area 7300 m2, volume 27900 m3

Three-storey government office building housing local units of various organs of central government: police department, law courts, prosecution service, registrar, labour exchange, enforcement office; approx. 150 office workers, plus other staff.


Euro-Belgian architectural prize 1995
Finnish Architecture 1987-1992 - exhibition
Palladio- exhibition, Vicenza, Italy 1993
Finlandida- exhibition, Stockholm 1992
Finnish Architectural Review , Helsinki 2 /93
Muoto, Helsinki 1/95 
The New Finnish Architecture, Helsinki 1996 
Architectural Review, London 3/90  
The New Finnish Architecture, Rizzoli, NY '92  
Forum, Stockholm 2/92  
Hungarian Architecture, Budapest 6/93  
Estonian Architectural Review, Tallinn 7/93  
Casabella, Milano 11/93  
Techniques & Architecture, Paris 6/94  
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Baumeister, Munchen 6/95  
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581 Architects in the World, Tokio 1995

in the evening
floor plan
gallery stairs
photograph: Åke Lindman